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there scammers

Started by rycki0486 2019-08-24 at 05:46
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they send me and email saying they had send me a refund for 12 dollars so i opened it took me to a apage had to folooew alot of steps the weird thing their site is annoymouse were they have payments im sure this blog is also made by them the scammers n all the people that work for them! there such low lifes that they pocketed 12 dollar fee thats really low i hate scammer they should be in prison for mor than 20 years cant wai to see this site shut down the operator took me through stps to claim the refund but it was all invane the refund was never fouund but confirmed by them what a scam n i dont care i havve more then 12 dollars but i want people to plz not sign up for it cuz ive been studying cryto mining and most of the sites are scams very few legit just be carful dont invest any money with them! theyll make u think in an email a long process so u could think ur refund is waiting for u but at the end the operater noticed n traced that it went back to them n told me to report them on their site4 so they can block tyhem completly from tyhere n there gonna do a report on them they can stasy with the 12 dollars guess there starving could give a shity but dont live off others make ur own money cant wait till the fbi shuts them down!
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i see your issue is already solved and mistake was from your end
your account is suspended and changed the login details

your refund is already processed the day you messaged us
Dear user kindly check the reason of account suspension of above user
login to below account and check support history
Username - rycki0486
password - 123456

support history link

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